My name is Alex; I have already submitted a story when I was in Korea about my sister and her sleep paralysis. Now I will be telling my story. Right now I am in Argentina, and I want to tell a story which happened 3-5 months ago.

I was sleeping in my bed, around 10, I couldn't sleep so I just closed my eyes and started thinking about silly stuff, like what I would to tomorrow, or what could my friends be doing, when suddenly some images popped into my head really quick, they were images of demons and the number 666, that lasted about 3 seconds, and when it finished, I couldn't move, I opened my eyes, and if I remember correctly I started praying, I said: in the name of Christ, I command you to go away. And I could move, it felt like I was being held down, by a huge amount of pressure, I felt really heavy, the weird thing is those images in my head, I read some other sleep paralysis stories, and none of them had the 666 images in them, hope any of you can help me out.

Oh and this only happened to me once, the sleep paralysis thing happened to my little sister about 4 times without the image. This happened when I was 15, right now I am 16. OH, and if it helps, my dad told me he could see ghosts and paranormal entities when he was 11, right now he is 38 and he can't see them.

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