Over the past few weeks I have moved out of Old Castle into my own place with my partner and daughter. About a week before I moved out I was in the kitchen (an original part of the house) with my brother Christopher. We were watching something on the T.V. On top of the T.V was my mobile phone. Suddenly my mobile "flew" of the top of the TV and landed at Chris's feet. We just looked at each other and he started to laugh and say a few words that I won't type on here.

At first I thought maybe the vibrations caused by the volume of the TV had knocked the mobile off but the thing is Christopher was sitting at least 3 meters from the TV, and the phone didn't just simply slide of and drop to the floor it literally "flew" over the room. Just in case though I picked up my mobile and put it back on top of the TV to see if the same thing would happen again, it didn't, so I got up went over to the TV and pushed the phone off, as I thought it dropped to the floor just in front of the TV.

During that last week I also kept getting "poked" in the side and on my shoulder, although I have to admit due to my kidney problem I have dismissed this as anything supernatural, even though the poking in my shoulder wouldn't be from any kidney problem?

Last week my mom and the rest of the family moved out of the property as well. Me and my partner also helped them move. Whilst waiting on the drive for my mom to come back with the moving van ,my partner had parked our car at an angle in front of the kitchen window. We were talking in the car when I suddenly felt uncomfortable. Looking up I saw a shadow standing just a bit back from the window, no one was in the house and the kitchen was completely empty, as we'd moved all the stuff from there the previous day. I quickly looked away, my partner seeing this asked what was wrong, I told him that I could see a shadow of someone in the kitchen. He decides to get out of the car and look through the window "There's no one in there" but as I looked up I could still see it.

My partner thinks I'm crazy and insists there was nothing in the kitchen. He has never believed in the supernatural although he has had experiences since living with me . Maybe I didn't see anything in the kitchen though, it could have been the angle that I was sitting at, although it did have a "human" shape to it?

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