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Late one night, my parents and I were walking up onto the front porch of my house after hanging out for the day. My mom couldn't find the key to get in so I walked around on the porch and happened to glance up. I saw a shadow standing on the sidewalk in front of the house. It looked like the outline of a man, without any details. It was kind of tall. I stared for a few seconds and the shadow "ran" down the sidewalk and in between my neighbor's house and the chiropractor's office next to it. I say "ran" because it didn't really seem to actually move, it just sort of...floated? It's a bit awkward to try to describe the movement.

I lost sight of it and I just stood there, very confused and a bit shocked. Then my step-dad, who was standing behind me the whole time, asked: "Did you just see that?" Both of us had seen the shadow and described the same things about the incident when we got inside. We saw the shadow standing there, and then it just left. It was really fast, too.

I wasn't scared and I didn't feel that the shadow was negative in any way. There were no people outside and it was pretty close to the porch so I would have been able to recognize a person. It was late at night and the street lights were on, (Read more...


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