when I was 12 years old we lived in this old fashioned house in Long Beach, California. I am now 22 years old. I never believed in ghosts or spirits until my encounter living at this house.

It was a three bedroom house. I shared my room with my baby sister and my brother and parents had their own rooms. Every night when everyone went to sleep they would close their doors except for my room; I don't know I just didn't like my door closed. We had a extremely long dark hallway. There would be some night where I would stay up to watch Disney channel while everyone in the house was asleep.

One night when I was the only one awake I was watching my show as usual when I saw a tall male figure in the corner of my eye peek into my room and when I turned to look he would back up and hide. For some reason I didn't really feel bothered by it so I just kept watching TV and once again I could see him peek in and out my room and every time I would look he would disappear. Eventually I just fell asleep because it was so late.

On this one evening I was in the kitchen making eggs and from my kitchen you can see the hallway because it was like a open kitchen bar thing where you can see out into the living room. Well, while I was making my eggs in the corner of my eye I saw the tall shadow man again! Just peeking and I couldn't really see his face but every time I would turn to look he would disappear but he would always reappear every time I would not look in his direction. It was so weird and creepy but I didn't feel afraid.

Finally one night when everyone was asleep except for my brother, because he had his girlfriend over, so their door was cracked opened and there light shined into my room. Well, I was asleep and for some reason something woke me up and when I opened my eyes there was a clear view of a Caucasian man in my room staring into the hallway! He didn't look at me, he looked like he was hiding from someone. He seemed worried and scared. I was so shocked I could not move. I was seriously on stuck mode, eventually I snapped out of it and turned my lamp on and when I did that he turned and looked at me and slowly vanished. I was so spooked I slept with my lamp on.

We eventually moved out that house but I'll never forget his face and all the times he would stand in the hallway corners.

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