Recently (a couple of weeks ago), I began keeping track of things (so they can be more understandable and organized). I wrote what happened while it was fresh in my mind, and the date and time. Before I began keeping track, there were multiple things that happened, recently before when I started recording things. The following story is events (my next one may be ones that happened when I started recording them), It would be a good idea that you read my two stories about the man in the hall/ the shadow figure before you read this, because there may be things that can be related, and because it happens in the same place.

    • NOTE: These happenings are not exactly in chronological order. (sorry about that, the next ones will be though.)
    • NOTE: The time range for these happenings is between almost two months until two and a half weeks ago.


One evening I was up in my room reading Needful Things by Stephen King. I was reading for probably a half an hour, and while I was reading; I was hearing noises in my sister's room. It wasn't the cats because they were in my dad's room, so I thought it was my sister. I didn't pay much attention the noises, but after a half hour of reading my book sister came upstairs from doing the dishes, so after that I had no explanation. They were obviously normal noises because I wouldn't have thought it was my sister if they weren't, and I would have gone to check, and now I wish I had. If my sister had never been upstairs then who was in her room? And this isn't the first time I heard noises in her room.

I was downstairs, I had a deck of cards in my sweatshirt pocket, and I was getting my dinner ready. I reached into my pocket to get the cards to show my sister a magic trick, but the cards weren't in my pocket, (and that was not the magic trick). And she wasn't even paying attention anyway. I asked her where my cards were, even though I knew she didn't know were they were, or didn't even know I had them. She said I don't know, and that's when I saw the cards place neatly on the counter. After dinner I put the deck of cards on my dresser and then went to the bathroom. When I came back the cards where turned sideways and a card from the deck was kind of thrown on top. I'm not sure if it's important, but the top card was an ace of hearts.

I was on my bed when I suddenly heard something that sounded kind of like Dora say "Hey" to me real quickly. It came from nowhere, I couldn't locate were it came from, but I still know I heard it. And I had just replied go away, making it rhyme with hey because I was being a smarta** even though it creeped me out. I never heard more of this voice again, or yet.

One night I was laying in my bed reading some document in a piece of paper. (I'm not quite sure what it was about, I don't remember). I was using the light from outside to read (because I was in bed). As I was reading, I began to notice that the top left corner of the paper was flipping back and forth. And there was no drafts. I thought this was kind of funny. It was moving at a weird speed. The corner would bend forward, stay for a sec, then bend the other way, stay for a sec, and it would continue to do this, and sometimes it would do a few quick flips. I didn't see anything, I don't recall looking, I was busy paying attention to the paper.

    • NOTE: I just realized something. Most of these things happened in my room or while I was in my room. Does that mean anything?

Another night, again I was in on my bed sitting and reading my assigned 11th grade English book, Catcher in the Rye. That was when I heard a bang on my sister's bedroom door (our bedroom doors are the hollow wood kind); it sounded like a shoe being thrown at the door. My sister then opens the door a dew seconds later and comes to my room and said "why did you bang on my door?!?!" I told her that I didn't and asked if she was sure she didn't do it. And she didn't. This had happened twice in the same night. The second time I asked If she had her window open, which sometimes when the wind blows it pushes the door back and forth while it's shut making a bang like noises. But she didn't have her window open. I don't know where the bang came from.

One evening I was in my room doing my homework, and my cat was sitting on my bed. He was just looking at me, and I was about to pet when he suddenly jumps a bit and turns his head towards the door (which was wide open) and looks out into the dark hall with caution (his eyes wide). I tried poking him to get him to turn around, but he wouldn't, so I just pushed the door shut a bit. It made wonder if he saw the shadow thing or something else in the "empty" hallway. My cat has never done this specific thing more than once, but he does sometimes seem to see things I don't see. I'm not quite sure what to say about this, though I have heard that animals are more sensitive than humans to paranormal like stuff. I'm not sure if that's true though, I haven't heard or seen any truly reliable evidence.

Sometimes what my cat "sees" is outside while he is looking out the window. There are squirrels out there but several times I've caught his eyes staring or following nothing at all that I can see. (This happens sometimes on rainy days). One last thing about my cat is that he on several occasions has suddenly ran away from the window scared, and he will either go under my bed or into my dad's room.

Another time, I was in on my bed and I get the sudden urge to reach my left arm out straight. And so of course, I did. When I did my arm started moving upward on its own, and bent back toward me. I was not moving my arm. I keep reach my arm out over and over again and my arm keep moving on its own. I didn't try my other arm I'm not sure why. All I know is that there was no one moving my arm... Or was there? Why was that happening.


One early evening I was laying down because I was real tired. I was all covered up and everything and I was laying on my stomach. I felt some weight lift off my lower legs, around my feet. None of the cats were in my room, so it wasn't any if them, and also I would have felt their four feet lift up. It's weight felt only like a few pounds and it felt relieving when the weight lifted. As soon as I had felt the weight lift, I lifted my head up. And since the window is right at the end of my bed when I lifted my head I was staring into it. And as soon as I looked into it I saw something whitish/milky across the floor from what looked like under my bed. This thing was real small and didn't look like anything in particular.

When cars come up the driveway in the dark their lights shine into my room. So I know when a car is coming up. Well, for two or three nights I was seeing lights shining on my walls but when I looked there was no car. That bugged the hell out of me, I didn't know what the hell was going on here.

In the middle of the night I had gotten up to use the bathroom like I regularly do, but on my way out of the bathroom there was an unusually dark spot in the corner of the hall, it was no particular shape it was just a spot of darkness darker than the normal night darkness (sorry for being confusing). As I saw it and went past it I felt something weird, not a physical feeling, I can't explain it, but I didn't like the feeling. I encountered this a few times. Another time, I was going downstairs for a drink in the middle of the night and there was another unusually dark spot at the bottom of the stairs. This didn't stop me from going downstairs. I just closed my eyes at the bottom and quickly went through it. On my way back to my room I saw another dark spot on the couch like something was sitting there, and there was the same dark spot still at the bottom of the stairs. They gave me goosebumps, I just went quickly upstairs and crawled into bed and closed my eyes because I didn't like them at all.

Another time was sitting on my bed and my door was wide open and I saw something out in the hall. It wasn't the shadow man or the peeking head I mentioned in my other stories though I have seen them both around these time (the peeking head more often), but it was this big whitish transparent thing that seemed like it was passing. It looked like a bunch of blotchy strips and spots of cloudy floating things. And literally it was big. I was shocked, my mouth dropped open, and I don't even remember what happened after that, I know I remember it disappearing.

While a few of these things happened the same evening/night the outside light had turned off again, like it did in some of my other stories. And I'm not sure if this is a coincidence or not. I do have a question though; do paranormal things make lights and things turn off when they are nearby? Because it's the only light nearby when this stuff that happens that will go off when it happens.

Next I was laying down on my bed, on my back reading. The way I was laying and reading, my view of the door was mostly blocked. But there was a spot I could see, it was the upper left part of the door, I could probably see 2 1/2 square feet of it. In that area I saw a frightening thing. I saw this really tall shadow man walk by. Larger than the shadow man I usually see. He was over 7 1/2 feet tall. I was so scared I shut the door and tried to forget about, I did not like that thing at all.

That night following that evening, I was looking out the window and I saw a blue light float around in the field next door and then it disappeared. I saw this same blue light then next night in the same spot and it floated around again then disappeared. I haven't seen it since.

The last thing is when I was laying in bed. I had just gotten in bed, when I saw another thing pass by that looked like a person. I gathered enough courage to go out after it this time and when I went out in the hall, there was no one. And this time I decided to actually ask my sister. I said: did someone just go bye. She said no and I went back to bed. I know I saw something though.

Comments are welcomed, I would appreciate any suggestions, ideas and opinions to this story or any of the happenings. Thank you for taking the time to read it. I appreciate it.

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